Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Preface : A Symphony in Ablution

   There was a restlessness in their head. A feeling you can't shake off with all the food, liquor, sex, drugs and pleasures of the world. At 33, when everything you know about the world has changed there's not a lot of luxuries one can afford oneself, save the beautiful gift of solitude. They were young and wild once, the many fallacies they observed, of the pop culture they epitomised. Heavy drinking, multiple partners, nights of little remembrance, social frenzies, raves, orgys, they had been ticking them all off like items on a bucket list. Paying the price for improvising what goes in on the list along the way, they thought and laughed to themselves. The once brilliant beam had faded, nay evolved rather into a serene smile that comes with weariness of the mind, body and spirit.

The world around was changing rapidly. Consumerism was at the fore of the glaringly obvious mass hysteria. Suddenly, there were so many things in the universe that money could buy, that the beauty of indulging in the abstract was now singing a melancholy tune. If money was the kindle that set people off on the path of horrendous self-righteousness and indulgence, consumerism was the roaring flame that engulfed everyone in its warmth, that would then, subliminally, slip into a person and consume the embers of character until all that remained of the one, was ash and an identity puppeteered by the desires of the flesh. Free thought and speech was slowly turning into an illusion and mankind was submitting itself to be a nation of sheep ruled by wolves.

They had quit their well-paying day jobs, dabbled in a bit of social service working with senior citizens, animals in distress and abandoned and crippled children. But it probed and bothered them, that the scale of change they desired to impact the world, was one that needed tremendous physical and mental preparation, for to achieve it, they would have to unbecome the last 33 years of their life. Habits had to be sunk, food preferences would have to change drastically, the body needed heavy conditioning and the mind needed to kick-up a notch and perform at a level few ignited minds have been stretched to. Seeing as how all these are inter-dependant on each other, they went about structuring what they needed to do.

Ties with family and friends were the next things that had to go, for there was no way they could achieve what they intended to, ties binding one to the core of his emotional being, rendering one lucid and incapable of action beyond the spectrum of warm, fuzzy feelings of the heart. This they would achieve by getting off of all acknowledged lines of communication and forgoing a place of residence. The first step started by acknowledging that the concept of the world in its entirety only began, when notions of space and borders were distorted to the point that travel weariness was swept under the mattress of the joy of geographical discovery.

A self-learning crash course in astronomy, philosophy, theology and mythology set them off by a couple years, but it was an integral part of what they aimed to implement, coupled with an array of books ranging from Enid Blyton to Aldous Huxley that they vividly shared an interest for and read avidly with healthy debate brewing from those exact conversations. Their preference in music always seemed to stem from the ideology that the human race tended to be more sustainable and free-spirited as time spun backward and it reflected on what they listened to, Frank Zappa, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, BB King and other poets of the time.

With this little particular consortium of knowledge at hand and unconventional method, they knew what they had to do. While one set off to become a Priest, the other set off to become a Minister. The grand plan to absolve conformity was in motion. Like clockwork.

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