Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fleeting between girls and grades

There were these two young boys sitting in a class,
Each dreaming of his own pretty lass;
"Teacher, your lectures through our heads do they pass,
Because our girls are really pretty and you're full of gas !!"

The physics professor always put them to sleep,
Through Newton's laws , their slumber became deep:
And into their ensuing dream did these girls come and creep,
Bouncing off bad grades, off their feet did them, they sweep !

Of carbon and hydrogen did chemistry sing a lore,
The bald man teaching them was, oh, such a bore.
Alkanes and alcohols, damn, at tests they did never score ...
And then, the pretty maidens showed up with whiskey at their door !

The math lady, it seemed was mostly a drag,
Calculus and geometry, now they said she was a hag -
Her classes never ended, and the homeworks would sag,
Through all the chaos, about them pretty girls would these fellows brag !

Until ,at a big party two rich strapping young men these girls met,
As they slinked away with them lads, these fellers broke into a sweat ...
About lost bounty and bad grades now, did these casanovas fret,
As they sullenly watched their fair maidens leave them without regret !