Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Embrace of Fate

I was calling out to the light,

Waiting to be taken by her ...

To be embraced by her clarity;

And to tread the world, her by my side.

She came, she saw, she conquered;

Leaving me a mere watching mortal ...

She shone the seas, and lit the lands,

Heavy hearts she healed with her aura.

Those whose eyes beheld, saw rapture,

And then those of us who didn't, were lesser,

She filled dark voids with her brilliance,

And lonely souls would be given her un-biased love.

So one night, she softly lifted me from slumber;

And toward the sea she did lead me ...

Yearning for a companion i followed, lost to the world,

Into the waters i did go, hoping to be bathed in her light !

Drowning, i yearned for her touch,

Drained of energy, but waiting for purpose;

Devoid of sanity, hoping for clarity,

I was at her mercy, waiting for her embrace ...

Strangely, she did notice a lesser mortal at the sea,

Praying, hoping, crying for his futility to be taken away,

And so, a choice she did make, and it was all blissful again,

I felt no love, no clarity, no purpose, only overwhelming silence ...

It seemed so, that light had made a choice,

Her love was un-biased no longer, for she yearned for a companion,

And this crying mortal was indeed chosen, for he completed her;

The tides, beckoning me, i embraced release and light was gone ...

Leaving me forever chained to Poseidon.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forbidden Fruit

      Contemplation is often what one does at his lonely best. More often than not, we let by-gones fill our nearly empty void of potent fallacies, which so happens, to be our staple diet for a lonely evening. Cutting to the chase, a lot of thought i gave to the culmination of loneliness and romance. Now, here is what we would typically call ... an emotional molotov. It works just like the contents of a molotov mind you, the alcohol floods you with welcome relief and then the fire engulfs you completely, burning you inside out. Nevertheless, it leaves you craving for forbidden fruit, which people cause to believe was adam's downfall. Maybe that's why before we had our current modes of recreation, each family kept adding to the population like two bunnies in a cage. Jokes apart, i'd say if we took a consensus about what we'd all do left alone to ourselves, we'd probably on a 80-20 scale wind up craving for that "forbidden fruit'. Especially if you're still attached to someone who's attached to some one else. Confused ? Join the club.
      So, this one evening ... power cuts made me feel like i was amish (no racism intended), primitivity was annoying me like a buzzing bee and i was getting to my fidgety best. My grandmother, noticing the immediate spark of insanity, suggested i meditate (or something on those lines). Before the ensuing amusement, while i say i actually gave it a shot ... i'd like to give my grams a big hug for the discreet cure. So i set off, hoping for a momentary rapture or a cloud of enlightenment, and wound up on the 80-20 .Surprised ? I guess not. All the past memories placed themselves in front of me like a brick wall and sure to say, that i regretted so many failed relationships. Now, i'm just patiently waiting for the ladder to climb over it. Gets me wondering how many different interesting individuals it would take to put me over this wall. Ah, the fresh smell of forbidden fruit. :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Perspective of 2011.

The new year started as usual, with me feeling like what my friend vivek would say "a dazed fuck monkey". As ritualistic as alcohol may seem at a new year's eve party, this was a confluence of creatively like minded people bonding over some much needed intoxicated insanity. Yes, the ingredients of the brew were stereo -typical, but such a revelation filled night of experiences shared and incidents brought to light, left me reeling with one single question in my head- "how can such a night turn into a sour year"? Then again, that was before our hammered geniuses decided to whip up a hell ride cocktail. After many games and swigs and lost alcohol counts, the lot of us monkeys that were still sober found their way to the beds. The rest of us, weren't so lucky. Sprawled on the floor in what seemed like a tryst with Pluto, i got my first indication of how exactly things would be so disastrously similar to 2010. My liver having a mind of its own, pumped bile all the way into my throat thereby causing a cataclysmic chemical reaction in my stomach, leading to a horrendous spillage of all the "guts" i ever had. Dazed, i looked around ... Ah, the serenity of absolute drunken-ness.

The next morning, things were back to normal, the sun was at his majestic burning best, from toothpaste to idly-vada, everything tasted like whiskey, and for the life of me, i still couldn't fathom why, everyone was as chirpy as a humming-bird. Then again, merriment never always seemed strange, especially on a hung over morning. We said our good-byes and as usual, my fifteen year old scooter revved to life. In a non-chalant, numb state i almost reached home when, poof ... another god damn puncture. another perfect score for god for really pushing me over every new year. Resigned to fate, i left for home ... wondering what this year would have in roller-coasters for me. I just caught a glimpse. Crystal. :D

Forgotten Sands

As i walk the length of the shore,
The furtive glances of the sea beckon ...
Soft and discreet, they sing a lore,
Of minds and minutes, you'd reckon.

The air smelling its effervescent best,
And the sky - skeptically assuring,
Calm - taking the load off your chest -
A sense of release - not enduring !

The sun mocking me with my shadow,
Emotions galore, thrown around like a pack of cards...
Ah the futility of joy knows no bounds,
And the irony of life, is its greatest gift !

Purpose - Provide the sands under my feet,
Gently obeying gravity, caressing my burdens ...
Taken apart by waves, yet returning to the treaders,
A warm blanket of unquestionable faith !

Epitome of struggle, but valiantly strong,
Skilfully defiant, yet utterly feeble -
Devoid of emotion, yet so soulfully human,
Lacklusture in value, yet precious in purpose !

The last thing to kiss us goodbye when we die !
Quote "For Dust thou art, to dust returnest" unquote.

- Gautam