Tuesday, July 7, 2015

She, empowered

   There was a chill that morning. The kind of chill that doesn't run down the spine, but runs up your head and leaves you in a state of numb comfort. She ran down to the kitchen, fixed herself a breakfast of toast, eggs and orange juice. She picked up the newspaper, dismissed it with absolute disinterest. Not today. Today, there were things that needed more attention than what was happening around the world.

  She gave a cursory glance at the living room. Where she had lived all her life. She had saved these fleeting glimpses for a moment of nostalgia, for the moment when her routine would no longer be what it was. Mifi looked away, she couldn't let emotion cloud the clarity in her head. She locked up. Then she remembered. She had to go upstairs and pick up the gun. There was a man living opposite that beat his wife everyday. A man living a few blocks away whose buddies and him, were carrying six counts of unconvicted rape on their consience while Justice blindfolded herself to the travails of men.

They were all around. Men, who assumed too much of their strength and gave too much leverage to their egos. Things needed to change around here, she said to herself, humming Janie's Got a Gun to herself as she started her car. Things are going to change around here. Gender equality, or not.